New approach
to evolving cyber risks

We’ve developed an innovative new way to assess cyber risk and predict technology-related losses — enabling a fast recovery from the financial impact of cyber risk.

  • Capacity for a large corporations for evolving material cyber risks

  • Transparent trigger clear protection, avoids payout surprises

  • $15mn policy

  • No cyber war or state-

Smart parametric cover and capacity to strengthen your existing cyber risk transfer program

  • Fig 1. This is your existing cyber insurance program Pre-qualified Assessment Our underwriting approach allows us to provide a timely quote for public corporations.
  • Fig 2. Fill gaps you are concerned about with your existing cyber cover Timely Recovery Our cyber claims are paid in days, not months or years. Quickly get your business and technology risk program running again.
  • Strengthen Existing Program CyFi™ doesn't replace your existing cyber indemnity insurance policy. It acts as a buffer for self-insured losses and does not exclude cyber war or nation-state cyber attacks.

Eliminate uncertainty
with claims

With our transparent customer dashboard, see how dynamicmalicious activity is impacting your likelihoodof a material loss and policy payout